New Video: The Sultry and Minimalist Sound of Australia’s Sophie Lowe

Establishing herself as an actress, who has made appearances in films such as Beautiful Kate, After the DarkAdore and Road Kill, as well as TV series such as The SlapOnce Upon A Time In Wonderland and the US TV series, The ReturnedSophie Lowe is also a critically acclaimed singer/songwriter, whose initial releases under the moniker S.O.L.O. received national attention in her native Australia, as well as attention internationally.

As the story goes, Lowe recorded under the S.O.L.O. moniker to differentiate her music career from her acting career — but recently, Lowe decided that she should record and perform under her name, essentially tying her music and acting careers together. Now if you’ve been frequenting JOVM, you may recall that I’ve written about “Understand,” a sparsely arranged song comprised of stuttering percussion, ominously swirling electronics, and gently undulating synth chords, paired with Lowe’s ethereal yet sultry cooing to create a contemporary pop song that draws heavily from the days of analog synths but with a dark, seductive feel. “Pink Flowers,” her latests single pairs Lowe’s ethereal and sultry cooing with a tense and minimalist production of swirling electronics, hot and explosive flashes of cymbal, sparse beats and slowly cascading and shimmering synths to craft a sound that undulates with need and vulnerability.

The recently released official video is shot in a gorgeous and cinematic black and white and is arguably one of the sexiest things I’ve seen in some time — while being incredibly artistic.