New Video: The Timeless Sound of Sweden’s Frida Selander

With the release of her first two, critically applauded, full-length efforts, Frida Selander, an Umeå, Sweden-baesd singer/songwriter and guitarist  has been considered by some critics as her country’s closest thing to Patti Smith and PJ Harvey — and although admittedly, those are lofty comparisons, they also aren’t far off base either as Selander’s overall sound pairs huge, bluesy guitar chords, thundering drumming and anthemic hooks with Selander’s expressive, and sultry vocals. It’s a straightforward, classic-leaning rock sound that’s timeless. But there’s something about Selander’s voice that’s warm and comforting, as though in every single song she’s commiserating with you and your pain.

“Like A Cat” is the first single off Selander’s forthcoming full-length I Hear Sunshine and the album, which is much-awaited follow-up to Try Again, Baby is also the first full-length effort of recorded material from the Swedish singer/songwriter and guitarist in over 4 years. And “Like A Cat” much like her previously released work is fearlessly honest and possesses an emotional directness that most rock — hell, most music — simply doesn’t do these days. In particular, the song talks about the freedom of letting go and accepting the fact that there is little you can control and even less you can know. Stop fighting against the tide.