New Video: The Trippy, and Subtly Psychedelic Video for Made Violent’s “Wasted Days”

Comprised of Joe White (bass), Justin Acee (drums) and Rob Romano (guitar), the trio of longtime friends within Buffalo, NY-based trio of Made Violent have had a breakthrough 18 months or year or so, as they’ve received attention across the blogosphere for a sound that at times channels Is This It?-era The Strokes but with unfettered, primal sense of youthful abandon; in fact, the band’s first single “Wasted Days” is an anthem dedicated to glorious decadence and absolutely refusing to ever grow up or sell out. Simply put, it’s gritty, and much-needed, old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll that should remind the listener of the youthful rebellion that’s the bedrock of the genre.

The band recently released two versions of the official video for “Wasted Days” — a version that they put on Vevo and an interactive version, which will require you to watch on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. In any case, the video has a pretty simple concept, as it’s shot in a trippy fisheye lens and features the members of the band goofing around, hanging out around NYC and playing on a rooftop. Ah, the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, indeed! Maybe I should pick up a guitar — and you should, too.

The Buffalo, NY-based trio of Made Violent consisting of Joe White (bass), Justin Acee (drums) and Rob Romano (guitar) have played together for quite some time. And from band’s first released single “Wasted Days,” their sound is a reminiscent of the early Strokes — but with an unfettered, primal sense of abandon. In some way, that shouldn’t be surprising as the song thematically is an anthem dedicated to decadence and refusing to grow up.