New York based act Small Multiples is a collaboration between duo of extremely accomplished musicians, Craig Hartley and Eli Friedmann. Both Hartley and Friedmann met while students at the New School, and after playing in several failed but diverse projects Hartley contacted Friedmann asking him to play some new material he had just written – that material wound up becoming Small Multiples’ debut effort, which was released yesterday. 

The term “small multiple” (popularized by the statistician, Yale professor emeritus, and visual artist Edward Tufte) denotes a method that allows for quick visual comparison exhibiting variety and scopes of alternatives. Similar to the concept of small multiple designs, the music of Small Multiples merges inspiration from an eclectic array of musical influences, melodically combining them while still maintaining each influence’s integrity.

On the album’s latest single, “Make Up.” you’ll hear how the band meshes a variety of influences from classical and jazz, thanks in part to the extensive use of piano/keyboards around the chorus and hook and buzzing electronica. In some way it bears a resemblance to Amnesiac-era Radiohead but a lot more approachable. 

The video which includes two stick figures fighting to the death is both hilarious and disturbing. Check it out.