New York-based alt-rock band Jarflower was formed after its two founding members and high-school friends Matt Miro (vocals, guitar) and Steven Kocal (drums) survived what they’ve described as a death-defying bike ride across Long Island, in which they survived a surprise rain storm and dodged reckless drivers. And after they finished, they realized that forming a band and playing music may be a better test of their resolve, abilities and intelligence – and helluva lot safer, too. The band was completed when friends Robert Hill (bass) and Jake Stamoulis (guitar) were enlisted to join the band. 

While all of the members of Jarflower were studying at Fordham University, they were responsible for invigorating the school’s music scene by encouraging friends and associates to start bands, which eventually started playing shows on campus, including several well-attended campus events such as Relay for Life and Winterfest. As a result of their sound which owes a great debt from the Seattle sound – think of Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Screaming Trees, Foo Fighters and others – helped them win quite a bit of attention; in fact, they’ve opened for the likes of Hellogoodbye and Dishwalla and have played sets at The Studio at Webster Hall and Glasslands Gallery

“Haunted” is the first single off the band’s forthcoming EP Contrast and I suspect that it’ll get quite a bit of attention across the blogosphere for its scuzzy power chords and bluesy, dirge-like feel.