New York-based singer/songwriter Kendra Morris will be releasing her sophomore effort Mockingbird through Wax Poetics Records on July 30th. The album has Morris and her backing band led by producer and guitarist Jeremy Page covering classic songs by beloved bands such as Radiohead, Soundgarden, Lou Reed, Metallica, the Beach Boys, the Proclaimers, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, and more. 

The latest single is a cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Miss You.” Her interpretation of the song retains the sultry, decadent seductiveness of the original but the song is slowed down with the intention of creating a late night cabaret/lounge lizard rendition of the song – that is instead of the bluesy, disco-based shuffle of the original. Interestingly, Morris’s bluesy voice sounds reminiscent of someone like Joss Stone or even Alice Russell – it’s quite impressive really.  Any case, the track is sexy as hell, and I think that it’ll prove that this woman is the real deal.