News/Announcements: Happy 11th Anniversary JOVM!

News/Announcements: Happy 11th Anniversary JOVM!

I started this site exactly 11 years today. 11 years. In terms of the blogosphere, anything lasting that long is an eternity and some. This site has been the best fucking job I’ve ever had. (True story: I’ve pretty much hated every other job I’ve had at some point.) And although I’m not naturally prone to be nostalgic, if there’s one additional day of the year to reflect on what I’ve done, how I’ve gotten there and what’s next, today would be one of those days.

When I started this site, I didn’t think i’d have readers in New York, let alone readers across Canada, the UK, the European Union and elsewhere. I certainly didn’t think I’d make any money off this thing. Granted it ain’t a lot of money but who’s going to say no to money, right? I’m not, that’s for sure! Nor did I think I’d have most of the experiences I’ve had during this site’s existence.

Caption: The Iconic Patti LaBelle performing at BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival at the Prospect Park Bandshell. I was one of only six photographers, who had the honor of photographing her that night. And I’ll always remember her saying to the photographers: “Okay photographers, take your pictures” before taking a little pose. Put that on my grave, y’all!
Caption: Blondie’s Debbie Harry at House of Vans.
50Star Fireshow, Jersey City 7/4/18 feat. Snoop Dogg and Bayli
Caption: Snoop Dogg at the 50Star Fireshow in Jersey City.
Caption: Nile Rodgers and Chic performing all the hits at OctFest, Governor’s Island back in 2019.
Caption: The iconic George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic performing at Roosevelt Park as part of the River to River Festival.
Caption: George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic at SummerStage, Queensbridge Park.
Caption: The Last Poets at Rough Trade.
Caption: The legendary Earth, Wind and Fire frontman Philip Bailey at City Winery. And yes, he did perform “Easy Lover,” and some EWF hits.
Caption: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard’s Stu Mackenzie at Central Park SummerStage, Rumsey Playfield.
Caption: Corridor performing at Montreal’s Le National during 2019’s M for Montreal festival.
Caption: Big Daddy Kane performing at Rocksteady Crew’s 38th Anniversary Show at Central Park SummerStage Rumsey Playfield.
Caption: Common performing with Robert Glasper at Webster Hall during last year’s Winter Jazz Fest.
Caption: The legendary Dee Dee Bridgewater performing with the Igmar Thomas Revive Big Band at Webster Hall during last year’s Winter Jazz Fest.

Caption: I ran into David Byrne after a Juana Molina show at Le Poisson Rouge. I was able to thank him for music that I’ve loved since I was very small — and he was gracious enough to take this picture, which I cherish.
Caption: Arguably one of my favorite pictures that I’ve ever been a part of: Charles Bradley and me at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.
Caption: Grammy Award-winning artist Brandi Carlile sharing one of my photos on her Instagram feed. The picture wound up amassing over 8,700 likes.
Caption: Late last year, I was honored to be invited to take part in a photography panel as part of The Black Rock Coalition’s 35th Anniversary celebration.
Caption: Daptone Records used a photo I took of LaRose Jackson as the artwork for Jackson’s single “How Did I Get Here?”
Caption: L7 at Elsewhere.
Caption: Black Pumas’ Eric Burton at Brooklyn Bowl.
Caption: Yola at YouTube Space NY.
Caption: Low’s Alan Sparhawk at National Sawdust.
Caption: The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach at Catalapa Festival, Randall’s Island 2012. This one was one of the first major festivals I ever covered.
Caption: The Church’s Steve Kilbey at City Winery.
Caption: Bad Religion’s Greg Graffin — sorry, Dr. Greg Graffin — at Webster Hall.
Caption: The Blind Boys of Alabama at City Winery.

It’s been a wild ride and I’m excited to see what the 11th year brings for the site and for me both professionally and personally.

Since this site has long been a DIY labor of love, I’ve often felt that I’ve had an intimate — and deeply personally — understanding of the financial and emotional plight of most of the artists I’ve covered throughout this site’s history. Through my own experiences and conversations with artists, I’m constantly reminded of several things: 

  • Art costs money — and without money, it can’t exist. 
  • Artists are small businesses. So supporting artists is supporting a small business. 
  • A small bit of support can go a long way. A $20, $30, $40, $50 or $60 purchase of someone’s work can often mean the purchase of groceries, paying off a bill or covering the cost of a subscription they need to continue their work. 
  • That same $20, $50 or $60 doesn’t really mean shit to Amazon. 
  • Supporting an artist/small business can keep money within your community. Amazon and the some other mega-conglomerate simply don’t give a fuck about your community or your neighbors. 
  • Lastly, you won’t be giving your money to companies that actively fuck over their neighbors, the environment or their employees. And that alone should make you feel better about the decision. 

Throughout the 11 years I’ve been doing this, I hope that my work has led you to “listen in technicolor” as a friend said to me about how I listen to music; that I’ve led you to an eclectic array of artists and bands whose work has become part of your lives, as it has become part of mine. And I hope that my photography has managed to add some beauty to your day, inspired you to see the world in a new world, to take a moment to appreciate something beautiful — or make you want to go and see a live show. 

As I’ve done over the past year or so, I’m asking you kind readers and friends for your support. And there are a handful of ways that you can support: 

You can buy photographic prints — from my live concert photography to street photography and even some outdoor/nature photos. I also still have a shit ton of JOVM bumper stickers. All of this stuff is beautiful and could use a loving forever home. You can check out the store here:

You can support by becoming one of my Patreon patrons. Every dollar means something. Seriously, it does. There are different patronage levels and different rewards for your support. For more information, you can check out the Patreon page here:

Of course, while I’m on the subject: I want to send shout outs — and thank yous — to those folks, who have supported me and my work throughout the past year with their patronage. 


Alice Northover

Bella Fox

Jenny MacRostie

Mike Held 

Janene Otten 

Thank you, y’all. Your support means so very much. 

If you’re in the NYC area, you can hire me for photography work. Seriously. I do headshots, portraits and event photography. You can hire me through Photobooker. My listing is here: (If you’re outside the NYC area and you’d still want to hire me, we can talk.) 

If you’re not already a fan of this site on Facebook, please feel free to become a fan here:

Of course, I’m aware and sensitive to the fact that many folks are struggling to survive in what may arguably be the most difficult personal and economic period many of us have ever seen or personally experienced. There’s other ways you can still support: 

  • Keep reading! Please, keep reading!
  • Pass the word on to friends, family members, associates and anyone else, who will support independent journalism, music and criticism. 
  • Retweets, Facebook shares and reblogging things you might dig. Sites need active eyeballs and clicks to survive. And everything pair of eyeballs reading and clicking on JOVM means some ad revenue in the coffers. And those hardworking artists I cover will also be grateful for your love and support, too. 
  • Towards the bottom third of every post, there’s a related post section. If you dug the post you’re looking at it, feel free to check out the related posts. You might find something else you could love. 

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to live music — and to maybe seeing some of y’all are a show, drinking wildly overpriced beers.

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