News/Announcements: Reminder: Music Managers Forum Canada Webinar: Building Buzz: Best Practices in Media and PR for Artist Managers

If you’re a musician, an artist manager, an aspiring musician or an aspiring music manager, you should click on your calendar app and mark down July 26, 2023 for Music Managers Forum Canada’s Webinar: Building Buzz: Best Practices in Media and PR for Music Managers.

Music Managers Forum Canada will be bringing together three different international speakers to share invaluable insights and expertise on navigating the dynamic world of media and publishing relations in the music and entertainment industry.

What are some of the key strategies and tactics employed by successful artist managers to amplify their artists’ visibility and create lasting impact? This discussion will explore a wide range of topics, including crafting compelling press releases, building and maintaining media relationships, leveraging social media platforms, effectively managing crises, and harnessing the power of storytelling to captivate both traditional and digital media outlets. 

The panelists are:

Dalton Higgins, a Toronto-based publicist, award-winning journalist, author of six books and Toronto Metropolitan University‘s Music-Professional-in-Residence. His publicity roster includes highly acclaimed clients, who have won or have been nominated for Grammy AwardsBET AwardsEmmy AwardsThe Mercury PrizeVictoires de la MusiqueJuno AwardsGrammis and the Polaris Music Prize.

His book Far from Over: The Music and Life of Drake is carried in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame and Museumcollection in Cleveland. His best selling book, Hip Hop World is carried in Harvard University‘s hip hop archive.

Higgins is a former music booker for Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre — and he has co-produced and co-hosted popular podcasts for media outlets like the CBC’s This Is Not a Drake Podcast, and Rogers Media’s Black Tea.

He teaches the university course “Deconstructing Drake and The Weekend,” a course that has been featured on CNNNew York TimesNPRBETHypebeastNMEGRMand 6ixBuzz among others.

Jack Parker is an artist manager and the Editor-in-Chief and Head of Live Music at LICKS Magazine, a quarterly print magazine widely distributed in both the US and UK.

And last but certainly not least, yours truly. 

It’ll be informative, highly informative and entertaining. The webinar is free for MMF Canada members. They just have to log into their MMF Member Portal and click on the Member Discount and Events tab. The webinar is $20 for non-members.

From my understanding, there are a few slots left, and if you’re interested in hearing me and these other super talented professionals give our thoughts on the media and the PR landscape for independent artists and music managers, you should check it out. And if you’re an aspiring musician or music manager, you need to check it out. I have a free promo code: MMF-Canada-William-Helms.

I’m looking forward to it and to potentially seeing y’all and answering some of your questions.