News/Announcements: Shoutouts to Patreon Patrons

News/Announcements: Shoutouts to Patreon Patrons

Pandemic-related restrictions and lockdowns made it extraordinarily difficult for artists and creatives across the world to actually perform their craft and to make a living. With people getting vaccines in their arms earlier this year, there was some degree of returning to normalcy: I’ve been hanging out in bars and going to shows — both indoors and outdoors. As you can imagine, much like the countless artists I cover, I was looking forward to a full schedule of live music to see and to cover. But with the COVID-19 Delta variant being the latest scourge wrecking havoc across the world and the States, I’m beginning to worry about what the Fall and Winter will be like.

Not getting the vaccine isn’t smart nor cool. It actually makes everything we do and love extremely difficult. If you haven’t gotten a vaccine and you’re hesitant, I can tell you that the science and technology behind it are proven: researchers have been working with mRNA for decades and for a variety of uses. The researchers have tested it and it’s safe. Millions of people have had them with minimal side effects and minimal adverse effects. The side effects and adverse effects of COVID are a lot worse — and include death. I don’t think you want to die or to take your chances on leaving your loved ones, do you? Do you really want to risk getting your loved ones sick? Do you want to be broke from medical bills because you got really sick?

I didn’t think so. Go and get a vaccine as soon as humanly possible. You ensure that you protect yourself and your loved ones from the most serious side effects of COVID-19 and its known variants. And you also help to ensure that we can all have the lives we want, do the things we love and enjoy and make money. If we don’t get this under control almost everything we do will be impossible. It’s that simple.

And if you’re about to say to me “But it’s not 100% effective,” I can tell you that there’s only two things in life that’s 100% certain — anything that’s born will eventually die. And if you’re born human, you’ll pay taxes. Nothing else is certain. Condoms are 97% effective if used correctly. People still fuck with condoms knowing that there’s a small chance of pregnancy or an STI. So what’s your issue?

Back to our regularly scheduled programming, right?

Independent artists of all disciplines desperately need someone to champion them and their work. There’s only 24 hours in a day and 168 hours in a week, and there are so many options competing for your time, money and love. But what I can say is this: because this site has been a DIY labor of love, I’ve felt that I’ve had an intimate and deeply personal understanding of the financial and emotional plight of the artist I’ve covered throughout this site’s history.

Of course, the pandemic has forced me to see things very differently — and changed my thinking on a lot of things. And if you add the conversations I’ve had with artists, I’ve been constantly reminded of the following:

  • Art costs money to produce — and without money, it can’t exist because it can’t be produced.
  • Artists are small businesses. So supporting an artist is supporting a small business. 
  • A small bit of support can go a long way. A $20, $30, $40, $50 or $60 purchase of someone’s work can often mean the purchase of groceries, paying their bills or even the confidence that they can continue with their art.  
  • That same $20, $50 or $60 doesn’t really mean shit to Amazon. 
  • Supporting a local artist/small business can keep money within your community. Caring about your community and ensuring that your hardworking neighbors can make and spend money makes your neighborhood vital.
  • Amazon and the other mega-conglomerates don’t give a fuck about your community or your neighbors
  • Lastly, you won’t be giving your money to companies that actively fuck over their neighbors, the environment or their employees. And that alone should make you feel better about the decision. 

Throughout the 11 years I’ve been doing this — seriously, 11 years! — I hope that my work has led you to artists and bands whose work has become a part of your lives, as they have become part of mine. I also hope that my photography has managed to add some beauty to your day, inspired you to see the new world in a new light — or make you go out to see some of these artists live.

Of course, as always, I’m asking you, dear readers and friends for your support to keep this thing going. And there’s a number of ways that you can support JOVM:  

You can buy photographic prints — from my live concert photography to street photography and even some outdoor/nature photos. I also still have a shit ton of JOVM bumper stickers. All of this stuff is beautiful and could use a loving forever home. You can check out the store here:

You can support by becoming one of my Patreon patrons. Every dollar means something. Seriously, it does. There are different patronage levels and different rewards for your support. For more information, you can check out the Patreon page here:

Of course, while I’m on the subject: I want to send shout outs — and thank yous — to those folks, who have supported me and my work throughout the past year with their patronage. 


Alice Northover

Bella Fox

Jenny MacRostie

Janene Otten 

Thank you, y’all. Your support means so very much. 

If you’re in the NYC area, you can hire me for photography work. Seriously. I do headshots, portraits and event photography. You can hire me through Photobooker. My listing is here: (If you’re outside the NYC area and you’d still want to hire me, we can talk.) 

If you’re not already a fan of this site on Facebook, please feel free to become a fan here:

Many people out there are struggling to survive. Believe me, I get it and I’m empathetic to that. The past 18 months have been the most difficult and desperate for a lot of us. To that end, there are many ways that you can support:

  • If you dig what I do: Keep reading! Please, keep reading!
  • Pass the word on to friends, family members, associates and anyone else, who will support independent journalism, music and criticism. 
  • Retweets, Facebook shares and reblog things you might dig. Sites need active eyeballs and clicks to survive. Every pair of eyeballs reading and clicking on JOVM means some ad revenue in the coffers. And those hardworking artists I cover will also be grateful for your love and support, too. 
  • Towards the bottom third of every post, there’s a related post section. If you dug the post you’re looking at it, feel free to check out the related posts. You might find something else you could love. 

I’m looking forward to sharing new music and new things in August and beyond. Hopefully you’ll stick with me through the journey.

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