News/Announcements: Shoutouts to Patreon Patrons

News/Announcements: Shoutouts to Patreon Patrons

JOVM celebrated its first decade earlier this year. And I firmly believe that I’ve managed to carve out a unique space in the blogosphere: this site is one of the few places where readers can get eclectic and personal curation and coverage of local, national and international music scenes.

During the overwhelming bulk of this site’s history, I’ve run it as a (mostly) one-man labor of love, run out of my Corona, Queens, NYC apartment while working full-time in the Editorial Departments of three different publishers as an Editorial Assistant and Acquisitions Editor. I led a rather unusual dual life: during the day, I was a somewhat mild-mannered and sleep-deprived, highly caffeinated Clark Kent sort. One of those jobs had a strict dress code, so when the business day ended, I’d find someplace to change out of my office clothes and into street clothes, transforming into professional music journalist, blogger and photographer covering shows at all kinds of joints across the Metropolitan area. I’d regularly return home in the wee hours, try to upload photos or work on a blog post if I was able to manage it. And then I’d try to get a couple pf hours of sleep and repeat three or four times a week..

It’s been hard work but it’s also been a lot of fun. As a result of this site, I’ve done things, seen things and experienced things I never thought would have happened: I’ve met some of my musical heroes. I’ve photographed icons and legends. I’ve seen and covered some amazingly talented artists from all across the globe. I’ve even had the privilege of traveling to cover shows both domestically and internationally. (And let’s not forget, that I’ve met some of the nicest, kindest and friendliest people in the world. Many of these people have welcomed me to their hometowns or to their countries, shown me around, taken me to their favorite spots and introduced me to locals. In some cases, they’ve given me rides, fed me, gotten me drunk and offered me someplace to crash if I ever needed it.

Because of pandemic-related lockdowns and restrictions, it’s difficult for the overwhelming majority of independent artists to survive without live shows and touring. Interestingly, most of us have been turning to music, art and literature to get through this historically difficult period. Right now, championing artists holds a deeper, more important weight, when there are countless entertainment options competing for your time and attention.

Since this site has long been a DIY fueled effort, I constantly see how my current plight ties into that of the musicians and artists I’ve covered throughout this site’s existence. Hopefully, my work with JOVM has brought you some respite from your troubles and some joy. Hopefully, JOVM has led you to listen to music differently — and to new artists that you’ll love as much as I love them.

Of course, because we all live in the real world, running this site as I do costs money. And your support, if you’re able to give, will help me continue doing this for long as I can. Please check out the Patreon page here:

Supporting small businesses — particualrly, small black businesses and black artists is virtually important. $50 spent with a local artist, whose work you admire really makes a significant difference. In some cases, you’re helping pay for food or a photo editing program or some other desperate need, which allows creatives to do what they do best — be creative. Also, remember $50 doesn’t matter to Walmart or to Amazon. They have more than enough. And they treat their employees horribly. So fuck them. To that end, I have merch — personally curated photo prints, as well as bumper stickers.

Feel free to check out the shop here:

You can also become a fan of this site on Facebook

Of course, because of the uncertainty of the past few months, I’m sensitive to the fact that there are people out there who are unable to contribute or buy merch. There are so many artists and creatives I’d love to support and just can’t. So I understand. There are other ways that you can show your love and support to me, and to the artists I’m covering:

  • Keep reading — and if you can read more! Seriously, something that small adds up. 
  • Share posts you dig on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere.
  • Pass the word on to friends who may dig the artists I’ve covered or may just dig JOVM. Every eyeball counts for me. But it also counts for many of these amazing artists, too.
  • Pass the word on about the Patreon page to those that may be able to support.

As, I promised on my Patreon page, I also wanted to give a shoutout to this site’s kind patrons:


Alice Northover

Bella Fox

Jenny MacRostie

Thank y’all so much for your support and love. It keeps me — and this site going.