News/Announcements: Shoutouts to Patrons 

News/Announcements: Shoutouts to Patrons 

This site has been a labor of love throughout its nine-plus year existence. But unlike those much larger competitors out there in the blogosphere, I think that this site is one fo the rare places where readers like you can come across deeply personal and eclectic curation and coverage of music from all over the world.

Now, as you may know, I’ve managed JOVM as a (mostly) one-man operation out of my Corona, Queens, NYC apartment while working in the editorial departments of three different publishers as an Editorial Assistant and Acquisitions Editor, working in both trade and academic publishing. Most of the time, I felt like I had a dual life: during the day, I was sort of like mild-mannered, spectacled Clark Kent and when the time came, I’d literally run into a phone booth to change and become Superman and cover shows. And I’d repeat that several times a week for several years.

Of course, running a site like this has been an incredibly fun ride. I’ve had experiences I never would have dreamt of, covered some amazing artists and met some of the nicest people. But perhaps more importantly, I believe that this site offers something very different and necessary that needs to be continued and championed. Much like everything else in this world, running a site like this costs time and money — and sadly, it ain’t cheap.

A few months ago, I joined Patreon as a way to help support my creative endeavors. And as I promised earlier on, I wanted to give special shoutouts to this site’s patrons:


Alice Northover

Thank y’all so much for your support.

I’m still humbly asking for your assistance, donation and your love.  Check out the page for more information:

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