News/Announcements: What You Can Do to Support This Site and Emerging Artists During COVID 19

News/Announcements: What You Can Do to Support This Site and Emerging Artists During COVID 19

With COVID 19 recently being called a pandemic by the World Heath Organization, the world as we know it has started to grind down to a halt. I have a loved one who currently has three of a the major risk factors that could make COVID 19 fatal, so my live concert coverage has essentially gone on hiatus until it’s deemed safe as of a few hours ago. I’ve spent so much of my life — roughly half of my life — in darkened rooms, in small clubs, big concert halls, arenas and DIY spaces, breathing in smoke machine air and hearing live music of all stripes as a fan, as a journalist and as a photographer. So understandably, I’m heartbroken: I sort of feel as though a dear friend has unexpectedly died in the prime of their lives — and the survivors are left to somehow pick up the pieces without quite knowing how.

Perhaps now more than ever, we’ll need the small yet universally human things to keep us going. We may not have sports for a while but we do have music, and I hope that this site can help you through what may very well be some very tough and dark days ahead. So if you’re getting sick of Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and CNN fills you with despair, I think you can give JOVM some love every now and then. Every eyeball, every share on social media really counts for me  — and it means everything for the emerging and established  acts I’m covering. Remember, a few things here:

  • This site has long been a (mostly) one-man operation that I’ve run out of my Corona, Queens, NYC apartment. As I’ve mentioned countless times: JOVM has been primarily a labor of love.
  • For many of the emerging and established artists I’ve covered and planned to cover over the next few months, their careers and their finances are indefinitely stalled. This ripples across all the various industry people who support and guide their careers, down to your favorite music venue. Livelihoods, careers and lives will be at stake.


To that end here’s some things you can do to help out:

  • If you love and follow an independent blog, like this one keep reading, keep watching, keep listening whenever you can.
  • If you dig something, please share through word of mouth and through social media with like-minded people. Ad revenue ain’t much, but every single eyeball and every single click really matters — and it does add up in time.
  • If you’re financially able to, please become a Patreon patron to your favorite creators. Whatever you can give can help keep a creative project that you love going — especially when times are tough.
  • If they’re crowdfunding, please donate.
  • If you’re unable to do so financially, share with others. Someone in your circle or in your circle’s circle may be able to help support financially.
  • If you truly love what an artist or band does, please buy merchandise: get a t-shirt or two. Buy a CD, album or cassette tape. Buy a tour poster. Remember, there are countless related jobs and industries involved that bring that help your favorite artist or band create that album — and help them tour. Your financial help keeps that going.
  • If you can’t buy merchandise, support by streaming on your favorite digital service provider — and pass the word that way. Like I said Spotify’s rates are paltry; but it’s money and in time it does add up.


As I’ve mentioned over the past handful of months: JOVM is on Patreon. If you can support financially in any way, it’s appreciated. You can check the page out here:

I also have a shop, where I have prints for sale. I’ll continue to do so for as long as I’m able to. That aspect of the site is dependent on the health and well-being of several talented folks, as well as US Postal Service/UPS/Fed Ex. Check out the site and if you dig what I’m offering, please order. I’ll be updating periodically with new and different offerings from time to time. Check out the JOVM shop here:

Also, if you’re not, become a fan of this site on Facebook:


(EDITOR’S NOTE: Artists, if I’m missing some way that could support you in what will be very lean times, please holler at your boy. Let me know. I’ll update accordingly.)