News: Happy 7th Birthday to The Joy of Violent Movement

Happy 7th Birthday to The Joy of Violent Movement

I usually don’t spend a ton of time thinking about these things, because I typically have 456 different things on my mind at any given time — and I’m not particularly nostalgic;  but today is a big occasion for me and for JOVM. You see, I started the site 7 years ago today.  And when I started this thing I thought maybe I’d have a handful of friends and immediate family read it on occasion but to see that readers across several different countries including Canada, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Australia, France reading on a regular basis and knowing that so many people have decided to spend a few moments of their lives with me has been a profound honor — and a source of great pride for me personally, especially since JOVM is a (mostly) one-man operation. But perhaps more important, this site has been one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. Some of my earliest and most powerful memories are tied into music and as long as I could remember, music has been one of the centers of my intellectual and emotional life as a child and as an adult. And to be able to focus on a childhood obsession on a daily basis makes me one of the luckiest bastards in the entire world.

Of course, there’s an obvious question that should come up — namely this: well, what’s next? There’ll be more of the things you’ve come to love throughout the years but I’ve been thinking of some new features here and there, including possibly a podcast. Of course, that involves figuring out how to squeeze a 40 hour day into a 24 hour day; but I’ve done well with that so far. There’s much work to do and there’s so much music out there to cover, love and bring to your attention — with the hopes that you too will love it. So let’s get to it!





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