News/Announcements: Shoutouts to JOVM Patreon Patrons

News/Announcements: Shoutouts to JOVM Patreon Patrons

As a result of pandemic-related restrictions and lockdowns, it has been extraordinarily difficult for the overwhelming majority of independent creatives to survive. Livelihoods and income streams have been wiped out for a significant and indefinite amount of time without any real solution or assistance from our federal government during the Trump Administration. But we all hope that the Biden Administration and the Democratic Party will do everything in their power to fix that to our benefit. So far, the Save Our Stages Act has saved countless live venues across the US — at least for a little while.

Obviously, during this unusual period, many of you have turned to art for spiritual, emotional and intellectual sustenance. So, championing artists and their work seems as important as ever — especially with the countless other entertainment options competing for your time, money, attention and love.

Because this site has long been a DIY labor of love, I’ve often felt that I have an intimate understanding of the plight of the musicians and artists I’ve covered throughout the past decade-plus of this site’s history. And as a result, I managed to be constantly reminded of several important facts:

  • Art costs money — and without money, it can’t exist. 
  • Artists are small businesses. So supporting artists is supporting a small business. 
  • A small bit of support can go a long way. A $20, $30, $40, $50 or $60 purchase of someone’s work can often mean the purchase of groceries or covering the cost of a subscription they need to continue their work or anything along those lines. That same $50 or $60 doesn’t really mean shit to Amazon. 
  • Supporting an artist/small business can keep money within your community. Amazon or some other mega-conglomerate doesn’t give a fuck about your community or your neighbors. 

Of course, I hope that over the course of this site’s history that my work has led you to listen to music and appreciate it in a much more thorough way — to “listen in technicolor” as a friend told me; that my work has led to an eclectic and diverse array of artists, whose work has become a part of your life. And I hope that my photography has inspired you too see the world in a new way or to take a moment to appreciate something cool or beautiful.

With 2021 starting in earnest, I’m asking you, dear reader, once again for your support. I’m continuing to sell merch through this site’s shop. You can find photographic prints — from my live concert photography to street photography and even some outdoor/nature photos. I also still have a shit ton off JOVM bumper stickers. All of this stuff is beautiful and could use a loving forever home. I periodically update offerings, so you should check back every now and then. You can check out the store here:

Additionally, you can support by becoming one of my Patreon patrons. Every dollar means something. There are different patronage levels and different rewards for your support. For more information, you can check out the Patreon page here:

If you’re not already a fan of this site on Facebook, please feel free to become a fan here:

I know that a lot of folks are struggling to get by emotionally, mentally and financially. If you find yourself in that situation, there are a few simple ways you can support and show love that won’t hurt your checkbook: 

  • You may notice that towards the bottom of every post there’s a section with related posts. If you really dig what JOVM is about, keep following and keep reading. From my understanding, the more articles you read and the more time you spend here, really helps in terms of the various algorithms that impact ad revenue and Google Search. 
  • Pass the word on to friends and associates, who may want to support independent journalism and criticism in all forms. 
  • Pass the word on to friends and associates, who may actually dig the artists I’ve spent the past decade covering. And trust me, those hardworking, amazing artists would love it, too. 
  • Retweets, Facebook shares and reblogs are also another wonderful way that you can support and show love. Every pair of eyeballs — both new and old — are cherished here. 

All of these things mean the world to me. And I can’t thank those folks who have supported me and my work through all of these ways enough. Of course, as I do every month, I wanted to thank my Patreon patrons for their support:


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