NINA is an up-and-coming pop singer/songwriter who was born and raised and Berlin and is currently located in London. She began singing at 6 and received classical training by the time she was in her teens; however, one of her earliest musical influences was Depeche Mode and she naturally found herself turning towards synth pop. 

Her debut single, “We Are the Wild Ones,” was released to critical praise internationally as the Huffington Post described NINA’s sound as “Lana Del Rey meets Robyn.” The single also appeared in an episode of the SyFy Network series, Being Human and of course, that development further exposed the German-born pop vocalist to potentially millions of viewers internationally.

Her latest single, “My Mistake” has the German-born vocalist teaming up yet again with songwriting duo, Hunter as a Horse for a song that’s comprised of layers of throbbing synths paired with NINA’s breathily seductive vocals. In some way, the track bears an uncanny resemblance to the likes of Niki and the Dove and of Soft Metals –– but with a moodier, darker feel to the track. It manages to be danceable while possessing a cinematic sensibility.