One September 11th, a few years ago, I had come home from work or running errands and my father was playing John Coltrane‘s A Love Supreme on the stereo while cooking in the kitchen, and although our apartment was small, he had it on loud so he could hear every single note clearly. And in light of such a terrible national tragedy, a tragedy that hit most New Yorkers in a deeply personal level, his playing what is in my mind, the most gorgeous, profoundly sincere and moving album ever seemed to make a deeply inherent sense. in light of such terrible events, events that would likely shake most people’s faith in humanity, we could all use some small bit of beauty and a little bit of love.

And although my relationship with my father was strained until the day he died a few years ago, playing Coltrane today is something I’ve taken over as sort of a personal tradition. So with that in mind here’s “Acknowledgement,” off the most gorgeous album ever made.