Originally based in Murfeesboro, TN, Those Darlins started out with a sound that could be described as unrestrained, sleazy but seductive and incredibly dark garage rock that managed to have a sense of danger and unpredictability However, with the release of Blur the Lines, the band’s sound has seen some of it’s rough edges polished – but it still maintains that initial sense of danger, just below the polish. 

Recently, the band recorded a live version of “That Man” for Nashville Creams “Live in the Morgue” series. The series consists of a locally-based band performing in the “morgue” – otherwise known as the archive room – of the Nashville Cream Headquarters. This particular video is essentially the Nashville music scene All-Stars as it features the incredible Caitlin Rose, and Tristen and Aida Victoria as backing vocalists on an old-school inspired ballad that has it’s narrator lamenting over a fickle lover who doesn’t pay her much mind, and is a bit of a cad. 

Interestingly, the song sounds as though it could have been recorded in 1955 – or hell in 2013.