Originally formed back in 2007 in a fifth floor walk-up on Bleecker Street, the Brooklyn-based band Darlings have managed to stick around for what may be considered an eternity in a rather competitive (and increasingly fickle) New York indie rock scene. And as a result, the band has been a part of the city’s live show circuit, playing clubs and many of the now-dying DIY spaces; in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if I managed to have caught them at some point or another – especially since I go to a lot of shows. 

The band’s first two albums were written and recorded in the band’s college days and as you can imagine, it captures that particular period with an uncanny accuracy – the recklessness, self-doubt and pretensions of one’s early 20s; however, the band’s forthcoming effort, Feel Better, reportedly captures the band and its sound at its most self-assured and mature. In any case, “I Love You, Too,” the first single off the band’s forthcoming effort, slated for a January 20 release, reminds me quite a bit of 120 Minutes-era alternative rock, thanks to layers of shimmering guitars paired with a catchy hook and lyrics expressing sincere love with an almost punk-like sneer. At it’s heart is a playfulness and sincerity that can often be missing from contemporary music.