Over the last 5 years or so, Montreal has developed a reputation for having a vital and wily diverse, independent music scene as the French Canadian city is the home of artists such as Grimes, Majical Cloudz, Jef Barbara, BRAIDS and a list of others, including newcomers Seoul. The electro pop trio, comprised of childhood friends Nigel Ward and Julian Flavin and art student Dexter Garcia have started to blow up across the blogosphere for material that’s icily foreboding and hypnotic, and captures the bruised psyche of the desperately heartbroken with an eerie preciseness.  

“Haunt/A Light” the latest single off the trio’s forthcoming debut full-length effort, I Become A Shade is a hauntingly gorgeous track comprised of Nile Rodgers-inspired played through layers of reverb, shimmering and gently undulating synths, ambient chiming and swirling electronics and a sinuous bass line paired with ethereal yet plaintive vocals that float through and over the mix in a fashion that channels Beacon’s haunting and ethereal work – this particular song captures then narrator’s regret and obsessions in way that feels unsettling and familiar if you’ve been there yourself. Simultaneously, the song manages to possess a subtle yet insistent sensuality at its very core.