Over the last year or so, I’ve received an increasing amount of emails from publicists, bands, publicists, labels and artists from all over the world. n fact, I recently received an email about Alex Autajon, an up-and-coming French producer and electronic artist based in Montelimar, France. Heavily inspired by fellow French acts such as Para One and Sound Pellegrino, Autajon’s sound is comprised of hip-hop sounding beats, downtempo synth chords and lullaby-like chords – it’s a dreamily ethereal and summery sound that evokes the sensation of daydreaming and looking at clouds as you’ll hear on his Don’t Be Shy EP.  It’s a sparse, almost minimalist production style that manages an unfussy level of nuance; in fact, Autajon’s production focuses mainly on synths, piano and drums and each instrument has room to breathe and meander through the mix – the dreamy synth and piano chords hold the whole thing together while the material manages to float off into the stratosphere.