Over the past couple of years, I’ve written about the great soul singer Charles Bradley, whose work and live shows I’ve written about extensively. Simply put, i love the man’s work and his live performances are arguably some of the most powerfully sincere and moving in the entire business – and i don’t say that lightly as last year, I saw Bradley backed by the Menehan Street Band at an intimate Noisey sponsored show at the Garage that had the lucky concert goers shouting in joy and admiration and an Apollo Theater show in which he compared humanity to beautiful multi-colored flowers that God created and he followed that with pleading with the audience to go out and make things right. That was followed by the great Sharon Jones and her Dap Kings turning a song about ditching a bad man into a song about surviving cancer. If you couldn’t be move by either performer, you had to have a hardened heart. 

While Bradley and his backing band, His Extraordinaires are working on the follow up to the critically acclaimed Victim of Love, they’re continuing a rather extensive tour which includes Bradley’s first appearances at Coachella – which included sets at the Festival’s first week and an upcoming set at the Festival’s second week. Recently, Daptone Records along with Bradley released this gorgeous and cinematically shot live footage of Bradley with the Menehan Street Band performing a looser version of “Strictly Reserved For You” off Victim of Love in the Daptone Records Studios backyard for their Live at the House of Soul series.