Over the past decade, producer/mixer D. James Goodwin has done rather innovative work with the likes of Kaki KingMurder by DeathNorah Jonesthe Bravery and DEVO. But last year, Goodwin began working on and recording a bunch of songs while holed up in the Isokon, his studio in the Catskills — by himself under the moniker of Snowflake. And the end result is his  debut solo effort, We All Grow Toward the Sea, which was released last week. 

“Snakes and Spiders” is the third and latest single from the album. Interestingly, some folks have compared the album’s sound to that of Mogwai and Pink Floyd. And in some way that makes sense as there’s an underlying psychedelica and a huge, arena rock ready feel. However, unlike both Mogwai and Pink Floyd, this track has a subtle country twang (familiar to 70s AM radio), which you’ll hear around the infectious hook.