Over the past few years, Sweden has become the home of a burgeoning dream pop scene as artists such as MOONBABIES, Summer Heart, Hey Elbow and The Land Below and others have received attention both across their native Sweden and internationally. Adding to that growing list is fellow Swedish electro pop/dream pop duo Death In he Afternoon, a duo who have already received praise from the likes of GQ Magazine, JaJaJa Music and the Berlin-based Scandinavian music blog, Nordic By Nature for a sound that has been compared to M83 and Young Galaxy. After hearing the duo’s latest single “82,” the song does have a similar swooning Romanticism that’s present in M83′s work; however, the song is much breezier and atmospheric and bears an uncanny resemblance to St. Lucia thanks to the fact that the song is funky and percussive – but slightly more psychedelic.