Over the past two decades, drummer Stanton Moore has developed a reputation as being one of the country’s renowned (and somewhat unheralded) funk musicians for his work with Galactic, the incredible Garage A Trois and Dragon Smoke, which interestingly enough shows his adept, improvisational chops. 

However, what is seemingly little known is the fact that Moore has played a lot of jazz in New Orleans – in fact, jazz has long been a part of his development of his development as a professional musician and something that he’s loved as long as he could remember.

Moore’s latest and forthcoming solo effort, Conversations is a return to his roots, and a bit of a change of sonic direction for those familiar with his most known work. Working as a trio, with pianist David Torkanowsky and bassist James Singleton, "Lauren Z,“ the first single off Moore’s new effort is a gorgeous composition that is deceptively simple and yet reminiscent of Dave Brubeck –in the sense there’s more going on than you think as it’s propelled forward by the interplay between Torkanowsky, Moore and Singleton based on the musician’s sense of simpatico. In particular, Torkanowsky plays with the regal and sublime beauty that reminds me of McCoy Tyner, in particular check out the sequence around 1:45-2:25 or so. And Moore has a pretty fantastic drum solo around the 3 minute mark that makes me want to shout every time I hear it. 

There’s something about jazz on a Sunday afternoon that’s perfect – but I’ve also argued that listening to jazz is a way to understand the very nature of the universe. How can anything so beautiful not be, right?