Over the past year i’ve received an increasing number of unsolicited submissions from artists based in the US, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Australia and the UK, among several other places across the globe. A few weeks ago, I heard from a London, UK-based indie soul/electro-pop duo, Moonrags. 

The duo’s first single. “Kings and Queens" starts off with a smooth and very laid back R&B sound similar to the Brand New Heavies — that is until you hear the acoustic guitar, which compliments the swirling electronics, gentle layer of synths and drum beats. It’s slickly produced without losing the emotionality at the heart of the song — it’s a a love song after all, seemingly about stumbling on that person who could be the love of your life. 

The duo’s latest single "Jam #1” is just as slickly produced as their first single; however the song is much more uptempo and is heavily influenced by house music – and much like the house music of the early 90s, you’ll hear piano chords bolstering a song comprised of layers of synths and exceedingly precise four on the floor drums. but you’ll notice the piano chords around the hook and the chorus – it’s a nice touch, really. And adding to the slickness is how vocalist Cari’s voice is sampled in such a way that she’s actually harmonizing with herself. 

Plain and simple the song is a club-banger that owes a debt to the early 90s while sounding extremely contemporary, and that’s a rare thing, indeed.