Over the winter, Eric D. Johnson, best known for his work in Fruit Bats decided to sit down and write an album’s worth of songs over the course of a few weeks. However, at the time, it was something he hadn’t done before; and interestingly enough, the material on EDJ, his debut solo effort manages to be a decided change of sonic and lyrical direction for Johnson  — the material is reportedly much more emotionally ambiguous and the lyrics are inspired by Johnson’s own thoughts and experiences. In fact, the material is heavily informed by loss, disappointment and ultimately of the perseverance it takes to rebuild one’s live after the end of a long-term relationship – and some way, the aftermath of an unspeakable tragedy. The album’s third and latests ingle “For The Boy Who Moved Away” features contributions from Neal Cassel on guitar and the Shins’ James Mercer on backing vocals – and much like the previous singles, the track possess a wistful nostalgia, thanks in part to its twangy guitars, twinkling piano, and dusty, old-timey feel. And yet it’s a gorgeous