Papertwin’s founding members, vocalist and guitarist Max Decker and drummer Francis Cardinale met as students at the Putney School in Vermont in the early 2000s. Much like countless other musicians, they moved to Brooklyn where they began experimenting with recordings in their apartment. 

Since their first show at Legion Bar, the band has played with the incredible Light Asylum, Acrylics, Blood Diamonds and others. In fact, I’ve caught them a while back opening for someone at the Cameo Art Gallery.  Live and record, the band specializes in a pop sound that’s lush, propulsive and heart-felt. 

The band, which has gone through a lineup change in their history will be releasing their sophomore effort Peru on April 16th. “Diving” is the atmospheric first single from their forthcoming effort and it’s reminiscent of  a couple of tracks off House of Blondes’ exceptional Clean Cuts, an album that was co-number 5 on this site’s Best of 2012 list.