Patrick Clos (guitar, vocals) was in several San Francisco,CA-based bands and played around with bedroom recordings until 2011 when he decided to start his own band, Cocktails. Lauren Matsui (guitar, synth, vocals), Phil Lantz (drums) and Ryan Rinker (bass) were recruited with Joel Cusumano (guitar) joining the band in 2013. Whereas the band’s previous releases were self-described “slop pop,” the band’s debut full-length effort Adult Life reveals a change in sonic direction for the band – the sound is much cleaner, and at times owes a debt to classic rock – in fact, the latest single off Adult Life, “Bob Pollard’s Mind” bears an uncanny resemblance to the Clash’s “Somebody Got Murdered” thanks to it’s polished sheen, use of harmony and shimmering guitars. Just from this single alone, I think you may be hearing a lot about this band across the blogosphere over the summer.