Pedro Canale is an Argentine producer, who performs, records and writes under the moniker of Chancha Via Circuito. Amansara is his long-awaited third effort and it comes after a three year hiatus. 

Canale comes out of Buenos Aires’s famed electronic cumbia scene but after some time he wound up playing with genre boundaries as he began to incorporate some of elements of the music from all over that region of South America including Brazilian rhythms, Paraguayan harp, Andean mysticism, Argentinian folklore and futuristic dub step. 

And thanks to his uncompromising sensibility, Canale defies pigeonholing as he’s considered by some as an extremely niche cult artist as he’s been invited to play at Montreal, QC’s MUTEK Festival and the Roskilde and Vive Latino Festivals. At the same time, as Chancha Via Circuito, Canale’s music has found broader appeal outside of the avant-garde, thanks to his remix of José Larralde’s “Quimey Neuquén” which was featured in Breaking Bad’s final season. 

“Coplita,” is the first single (and video) from Amansara and it features the haunting vocals of Canale’s frequent collaborator, Miriam Garcia over pounding tribal percussion, brief blasts of flute and swirling electronics. The track manages to sound like it’s a slightly psychedelic tribal prayer to the gods. Although futuristic, it manages to sound absolutely organic and timeless. 

The animated official video manages to employ elements of tribal and psychedelic imagery which future accentuates those elements within the song.