Philadelphia, PA-based trio of Lantern consists of two Philadelphians, Zachary Devereaux, Emily Robb and Montreal, QC transplant Christian Simmons (also of Sheer Agony) on drums. And over the course of the past three years, the band has been incredibly prolific releasing 6 EPs, and a number of 7" through the likes of labels such as Bathetic and Night-People. Those previous releases were decidedly more lo-fi but they brought in Jeff Zeigler, who has worked with the likes of Kurt Vile, Clockcleaner and others, to work with them for the Rock ‘n Roll Rorschach sessions, and the result is a sound that is a snarlingly brutish, primal, raw power that should sound both familiar and invigorating as it bears comparisons to the Stooges and the MC5. “Evil Eye” is the first single from the album that Sophomore Lounge will release next week, and it sounds much like it could have come off the Stooges self-titled album or Raw Power. Lyrically, the track verges even darker, talking about having the evil eye watch you from demons and other evil spirits that will attack in the night. Whoa. 

Much like the Cummies self-titled EP, this is music to fight and fuck for, as it rightfully reminds us of our most primal, basic instincts – flee, fight, eat, sleep, piss, shit and fuck. That in itself is pretty awesome but on occasion it’s necessary as it washes away the stench of pretension and over-hyped bullshit.