Photography: Elmhurst, Queens, NYC 3/6/22

Caption: For anyone who lives in the nearby neighborhoods of Elmhurst, Corona and Rego Park, you saw a ton of movies at the old Elmwood Movie Theater. It’s been since taken over by The Rock Church, but they’ve kept the sign and most of the facade intact because the building is on the historical registry.
Caption: Graffitied Van, Elmhurst, Queens, NYC.
Caption: A Robots Will Kill holiday-themed mural on the Macy’s side of Queens Center Mall. Unsurprisingly, it was partially blocked by a two parked cars because — well, of course!

This past Sunday afternoon was unseasonable warm. And it was one of those days, that personally felt shouldn’t be wasted by sitting inside — no matter what it was I had to do. It could wait a little bit, at least. So, I took a walk in the neighborhood while listening to the New Colossus Festival 2022 playlist, with the idea that it would help me figure out what I was going to cover and my festival schedule.

Naturally, I took my trusty Canon 6D Mark II with me with the hopes of catching a few shots while I was out.