Photography: March for Our Lives NYC 3/24/18

Photography: March for Our Lives NYC 3/24/18

Massive thongs of people hit the streets of several cities across America for the March for Our Lives protests against gun violence in the wake of an alarming number of mass shootings, including last month’s shooting in Parkland, FL. The main protest in Washington, DC had an estimated 800,000 people with satellite protests in other cities bringing out massive crowds; in fact, the New York protests brought out an estimated 175,000 people — although from being on the streets with my fellow New Yorkers, it certainly seemed like more.

Check out some photos from the afternoon below.

IMG_0499 IMG_0510

As I mentioned on Instagram, while most of the day was met with enthusiasm, joy and overwhelming hope, coming across a collection of Virginia Tech University alumni, who were survivors of an April 16, 2017 mass shooting on their campus was among the most sobering and heartbreaking moments of the entire afternoon. Although mass shootings happen with an alarming frequency in this country, coming across survivors of such an event seems to be pretty unusual, and as a result, I haven’t been to stop thinking of these people.

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Hopefully, we can get things right for this young, little voter. And now we got 6,021 days since his photo was taken.

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