Photography: Williamsburg, Brooklyn NYC/Elmhurst, Queens nyc

Photography: Williamsburg Brooklyn NYC

I’ve been taking my Canon 6D Mark II around with me on most of my trips — with the idea that I could be randomly inspired by something that catches my eye.

Caption: I’ve pass by this psychic’s storefront location thousands of times over the years going to shows in Williamsburg and Bushwick, and of course to Clem’s. Interestingly, because bars around here still close early because of pandemic restrictions, it’s more likely to be sober and awake on the bus. So, I’ve noticed the storefront sign repeatedly over the last few months; to the point that I realized that I really needed a photo of it.
Caption: Don’t Stop Dancing.
Caption: Bar Bathroom Graffiti, Clem’s. I love dive bars and as a result, i love graffitied bathrooms.

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