Photos: Physics: Extended at Bowery Poetry Club

Photos: <Physics: Extended> at Bowery Poetry Club

Last Sunday, my dear friends C,  Natalie Hamingson and of course, yours truly were at Bowery Poetry Club to catch the homey Abdul Fattah Ismail read from his just-released book of poetry Extended Syllables and to see Jennifer Ross talk about her incredible, new comic book Marzipan Physics, a comic book that details the adventures of an extraterrestrial superhero physicist. Check out a few photos from the afternoon at the Bowery Poetry Club below.

IMG-0451 IMG-0450



(Photo Caption: Jennifer Ross discussing the comics and pop culture influences of her comic book Marzipan Physics at the Bowery Poetry Club last Sunday)

IMG-0457 IMG-0458

IMG-0470 IMG-0472

(Photo Caption: Abdul Fattah Ismail reading from his new book of poetry, Extended Syllables at Bowery Poetry Club last Sunday.)

For these photos and a few more from an afternoon of comics and poetry, check out the Flickr set here: