Pony Trash is a new shoegaze/psychedelica act that features members of the Chambermaids, Gospel Gossip and Polica, a sort of up-and-coming indie rock All Star band. Written and recorded at Neil Weir’s legendary Old Blackberry Way Studios, Pony Trash’s debut EP will also serve as the debut of the studio’s label, Old Blackberry Way Records. There’ll be two version of the the album – a limited release vinyl release with hand-printed artwork by Casey Deming – and of course, a digital release. 

The first single, “The Weight of the Night,” draws some comparisons  – in my mind, at least – to that of the Lonely Wild in the sense that the song starts off with a twangy, alt-country intro, and because this track like the Los Angeles-based act’s work has an extremely cinematic feel.