Portland, Ore, the fourth full-length effort from Hillstomp finds the duo on a new label, Fluff and Gravy Records but perhaps just as important, the new effort has the band refining the sound they’ve developed – a sound that draws heavily from north Mississippi trance blues, the sounds of the hills of Appalachia, punkabilly, and others. In other words it’s raucous, riotous and seemingly unfettered. But the new album reportedly has the band exploring folk ballads, 

“Santa Fe Line” is the first single off the forthcoming effort, and it’s a bluesy track complete with prototypical bluesy lyrics about a bad woman, booze, the devil, and a liquor fueled train bound to hell. And I just have to say – that’s fucking awesome! The track should make you want to stomp and mosh about like a raving idiot.