Produced by Lars Iversen, the band’s cofounder, Out of Frequency, Danish funk/soul act The Asteroids Galaxy Tour’s sophomore effort was an international breakout hit, thanks largely to an extremely popular Heineken ad which used snippets of a track off the album. The group has also developed a reputation for a phenomenal live show, led by the group’s vocalist Mette Lindberg. 

The group’s third and forthcoming effort, Bring Us Together is a decided change of sonic direction for the duo of Lindberg and Iversen. The first single “My Club” has a sound that’s much more processed than before which creates a psychedelic, cosmic glow, completed with harder hitting boats and melodic horn samples, which are further processed. And yet the duo manage to retain elements of the funk sound that won them attention across the globe – although as a general rule their sound leans more towards dub and electronica. 

Album title track “Bring Us Together,”  starts off with an old-timey piano chords, boom-bap styled drums and a distorted vocal sample before Lindberg’s sings lyrics that express confusion, anxiety and hope  within a few bars. But much like “My Club,” the sound is decidedly more dub-based –  and yet funky.