Produced by The Raveonettes’ Sune Rose Wanger, Crocodiles’ fourth album, Crimes of Passion meshed sleazy, reckless hedonism and furiously, noisy psychedelia with catchy hooks and an uncanny sense of melody underneath the scuzzy, hedonist surface. After extensively touring to support Crimes, the bands primary members, Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell went to Mexico City to write and record the material that wound up comprising their soon-to-be released fifth album, Boys.

With Martin Thulin taking over production duties, Welchez and Rowell’s fifth album reveals a subtle refinement of the sound that has brought the duo attention in the first place, as the some of the material draws on elements of traditional Latin rhythms.”Peroxide Hearts” Boys’ latest single arguably resembles the material off the previously released Crimes as it’s a densely layered song comprised of angular and slashing guitar chords, ominously swirling feedback, drums led by tambourine, throbbing bass chords, and Welchez’s sleazy, serpentine vocals. And although Welchez and Rowell play the role of the bad boy in the back of the class who just doesn’t give a fuck, they’re actually sensitive hearts who really want to talk about heartache and love – and strangely enough in a similar fashion to the early days of rock ‘n’ roll.