Raised as a child of missionaries in Haiti and The Dominican Republic and then later moving to Australia, singer/songwriter Luca Chesney was indoctrinated into a life in which travel, tradition, death and rebirth were common. And naturally those experiences and her eventual departure from those departures heavily inform her lyrics. Her solo effort, God is a Boy’s Name in particular, is a lyric-driven, pop-orientated album, comprised of a number of songs which she had written over the last few years – years that were extremely difficult for her, as she left a religion, had a marriage fall part and was forced to start her life completely over. And interestingly enough, that fresh start also included a move to New York.

“Prayers” is the second and latest single off Chesney’s solo effort, and it’s a gorgeous song that will remind listeners of several other pop-orientated singer/songwriters including Tori Amos, Dido and others as the song is a sparsely arranged song that features Chesney’s gorgeous voice, piano and swirling electronics. Interestingly, the song is recorded in such an intimate fashion that you can hear when Chensey takes a breath. And in some way, that shouldn’t be surprising as the song thematically deals with a relationship that feels as though it’s bound to end, although the narrator has no idea when or how it’ll end. In fact, it’s that uncertainty that makes the relationship at the center of the song feel dysfunctional and damaging.