Released last year, Cody ChesnuTT’s long-awaited sophomore effort Landing on a Hundred was one of my favorite albums – the album landed as a co-number 1 on this site’s Best of 2012 list. And although the album came after a decade long hiatus, the album makes a cohesive statement on love, what it means to be Black, and perhaps more importantly, what it means to be a Black man. It’s the sort of statement album that could have easily been released in 1974, as in 2012. 

“I’ve Been Life” is the latest single off ChesnuTT’s impressive album, brings the album from the streets to Africa as ChesnuTT shouts out the motherland, bringing up the name of every nation of that continent in alphabetical order. Every time I’ve played this song, I can imagine the peoples of every one of those nations standing up proudly, bringing the entire African Diaspora together under one rubric. And goddamn, the track is funky to boot.

The official video has the Brooklyn Jumbies making a prominent appearance throughout the video, and they’re a pretty impressive group.