River of Souls is the third full-length album of from Tim Cohen and his band, Magic Trick. Recorded at the Tree House, Cohen’s attic studio, the album thematically explores change, insecurity, escapism, optimism, vanity, cynicism, love and change amidst the emotional flotsam and jetsam of modern life. In some way, Cohen’s material reminds the listener that although things can probably be better, life itself for all of it’s complications can still be profoundly beautiful. 

“Crazy Teeth” the second and latest single off River of Souls manages to possess a twangy, country drawl while still sounding quite a bit like Flowers-era Echo and the Bunnymen. Lyrically, the song is deeply ironic – the narrator of the song complains about how it’s the pretty girls are often just good to look at and offer very little beyond frustration, and empty love; whereas it’s the ones with the crazy teeth that offer something more for him. Much like the first single “Come Inside,” the track manages to be gorgeous – in particular, the guitar playing and the harmonies are just stunning.