Rolling Stone premiered the official video for Wild Belle’s latest single, “Keep You.” Directed by Melinda Matsoukas in Kingston, Jamaica, the video features the band’s lead singer Natalie Bergman as a caretaker for a rather charismatic Jamaican teen in a story about lifelong, unrequited love. 

In the video, the teen boy is desperately in love with his caretaker – and how can he not? She’s kind, beautiful and even patience when she should be telling him to grow up. Of course, being a teenager, the boy is unable to express his feelings in any other way but frustration and childish outbursts. And although he leaves her and finds companionship elsewhere, he finds himself returning to the one he loves. If there’s one thing that the video suggests about love, it’s the fact that no matter how mature we may think we are, love can occasionally make us childish and ridiculous. Or that in love, we are forever young. 

“Why can’t I keep you?” Bergman sings, over a slow-burning, dub-styled reggae beat. And in just the hook, there’s the familiar despair and aching longing of the unrequited towards their beloved. And yet, the narrator of the song, finds themselves devoted and desperate to be near their love. 

Expect to hear this song on the band’s forthcoming effort, Isles which should be released in the early part of 2013.