Sadly, the majority of Westerners don’t know about music scenes outside of the usual locations – the US, the UK, Australia, France, Germany and the like. However, the Away Days are an Istanbul, Turkey-based quartet who have put themselves and their home country on the indie rock map, as they’ve received praise from Western press outlets such as Seattle’s KEXP, the Guardian and across the blogosphere after the release of their EP, How Did It All Start?  And then they followed that with a tour of the UK and their first appearance at SXSW last year. 

The band’s latest single “Your Colour,” is a bit of a change of sonic direction for the band as it’s a gorgeous bit of shimmering shoegaze that manages to be propulsive and yet extraordinarily delicate. Sonically, the song evokes a pebble rippling a placid pond – in the same way that brings to mind the gorgeously lush Fredrik, and several others. And in fact, it’s probably one of the most lush songs they’ve ever released.