September 10th marked the release of the critically praised album Tales of Us, Goldfrapp’s first full-length in two years. And during that two year period, the band spent time writing and recording what may arguably be their most gorgeously lush, hauntingly eerie work to date. Interestingly, Tales of Us is the band’s most narrative work to date, as well. “Drew” the latest single off the album, much like the previous single “Annabel” is a gorgeous, hypnotic track – and the use of a string section gives the song not just a sense of gravity but a cinematic feel, as though it should be part of the score of a film with a bildungsroman narrative – you can picture the film’s protagonist having a sexual and spiritual awakening. 

Check out this live footage of Goldfrapp performing “Drew” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Although the performance is fittingly understated, it’s captivating.