September Girls, who derive their name from a Big Star song – interestingly, via the Bangles – formed in 2011 and quickly recorded a number of demos and began booking gigs across both their native Ireland and England. The Irish quintet followed that up by releasing a handful of limited release singles on various cassette and 7 inch labels across the world – including the “Ships” single through PINS‘ Haus of PINS Label, which received critical praise from the likes of Pitchfork and others. 

Cursing the Sea, the September Girls’ debut effort was recently released with perfect timing – just a few days before SXSW by Fortuna Pop! Records and from the album’s first single “Green Eyed,” and the album’s second and latest single “Sister,” the band specializes in a hazily atmospheric sound, which consists of fuzzy and buzzing guitars fed through a layer or two of reverb and ghostly vocals. But where “Green Eyed” was much more urgent and insistent, “Sister” is moodier and murkier.  And yet sonically, much like “Green-Eyed,” “Sister" reminds me of Crocodiles and Heaven Up Here era Echo and the Bunnymen, as the song possesses a dark, foreboding feel – in some way it evokes a sense of turmoil and unease. 

However, lyrically this song like the rest of the songs on the album cover heartache, as well as failed and disastrous relationships in a way that may feel strangely familiar. 

With the band’s forthcoming SXSW sets, I think we’ll be hearing quite a bit about the Irish quintet over the next few weeks and months.