Siblings Reid and Blaze Bateh, and their childhood friend William Brookshire formed Bambara back in 2008, although the trio has been writing, recording and playing music since they were all 7th graders back in Athens, GA. The trio recently relocated to Brooklyn, seemingly the indie rock capital of the US, if not the world. 

In 2010, Bambara released their critically acclaimed EP, Dog Days and their full-length debut, DREAMVIOLENCE has been highly anticipated among their fans and critics. “All The Same” is the first single from DREAMVIOLENCE which the band’s Emerald Weapon Records will release on April 30th, and sonically it’s a track that requires multiple adjectives to describe it and multiple listens. The first half to about two-thirds of the song could easily described in terms of forces of nature – e.g., a swirling storm, the vortex of a whirlpool but with a dark, melancholic brooding feel. And yet, beneath the murkiness, there’s a terrifying and awe-inspiring beauty – it mimics nature in a way that’s just uncanny.