Silber Media, the label home of the Durham, NC-based Irata and best known for an emphasis on experimental acts that specialize one drone have enlisted a number of bands on their roster in an interesting project that they’ve dubbed 5 in 5. Each artist that participates has to compose and record a 5 song EP that lasts 5 minutes – that’s right, each song has to be a fully-fleshed out song, too. But perhaps more important, each artist that participates gets a unique opportunity to experiment and take on a different approach to their work. 

Prog rock bassist, Frank Alexander, best known for his work in Triplicity participates in Silber’s 5 in 5 project, and on his EP, each song takes up a different genre, and the EP’s first single “Armageddon Disco” which is comprised of room-rocking 808-style beats, swirling electronics punctuated with bloops, beeps and bleeps and pairs that with sinuous bass. it sounds both contemporary and incredibly futuristic – as though it’s the sound of the impending apocalypse. Might as well dance when the shit hits the fan, right?