Silber Media, the label home of the Durham, NC-based Irata and best known for an emphasis on experimental acts that specialize one drone have enlisted a number of bands on their roster in an interesting project that they’ve dubbed 5 in 5. Each artist that participates has to compose and record a 5 song EP that lasts 5 minutes – that’s right, each song has to be a fully-fleshed out song, too. But perhaps more important, each artist that participates gets a unique opportunity to experiment and take on a different approach to their work. 

As you would have seen in a previous post, prog rock bassist, Frank Alexander, who’s best known for his work as a member of Triplicity participated in Silber’s 5 in 5 project, and on his EP, each song takes up a different genre. The Finnish no-wave jazz quintet of Can Can Heads were enlisted to take part in Silber’s 5 in 5 project, and “Square with a Little Bit of Rectangle,” the first single off King Dong Kong is one of the more unusual things I’ve heard in some time – comprised of skittering guitar, accordion, saxophones and forceful percussion the song manages to be incredibly funky while sounding like an old, sputtering car before quickly coming to an abrupt conclusion. 

Yes, it’s obvious that Can Can Heads’ sound posses elements of jazz – but it manages to sound simultaneously violent and whimsical. You can probably picture yourself dancing around an enormous bonfire and roaring like a deranged lunatic.