Silversun Pickups have developed a reputation for a sound that manages to be simultaneously ethereal, psychedelic, towering and explosively forceful in a way that can sometimes bear an uncanny similarity to Siamese Dream-era Smashing Pumpkins –especially on the Los Angeles, CA-based band’s impressive Swoon

When the band’s label Dangerbird Records approached them about doing a compilation of singles, the band’s vocalist Brian Aubert has publicity admitted that they were flattered but they didn’t see themselves as a pure singles band. Although it was supposed to be primarily a look back at a decade’s worth of output, the band decided to step it up a bit and make it special by recording a few new songs for the collection (which will see a release both Stateside and in Canada on February 25th). 

Naturally, the collection will include two of the band’s most popular singles, “Lazy Eye” off their Carnavas album, “Panic Switch,” “The Royal We” and “Substitution” off what may be their biggest album to date, Swoon. But it also includes “Cannibal,” a single the band originally did for a Record Store Day split 7 inch single with Jacknife. And the single is in some way a shift in sonic direction, as it has the band forgoing the psychedelica of an album like Swoon for a glitchy, buzzing industrial electronic-based rock that manages to feel somewhat anxious – while maintaining an anthemic feel.