Since it’s formation in 2000, Dub Club, founded by DJ and producer Tom Chasteen has built up a reputation across the worldwide reggae and dub scenes, as the party would bring out huge crowds to catch some of Jamaica’s finest perform with the Dub Club DJs. 

Chasteen collaborated with some of Jamaica’s most celebrated reggae, dub and dancehall artists for a couple of Stones Throw Records releases including Dub Club: Foundation Come Again, Signs and Wonders in Dub is available now, in vinyl. All  the material comes from the same sessions with them being made the way they were made back in the day – improvised in the moment by twisting knobs, pushing faders, reshaping a song with echo, reverb, space and time. 

One of Chasteen’s collaborations included “Black Shadow” with Prince Jazzbo. Although the video shows the grim realities of the poverty that many Jamaicans face with a profound dignity and grace, the song has a profound yet very simple message – that at the end of the day, despite our differences, we all have black shadows.